Gap Year Backpacks

The Caribee Gap Year Backpacks are designed to make your gap year travelling a whole lot easier. Most hiking bags only open from the top. The problem with a top-loading bag becomes obvious when you need to get something out of it. Every time you need something that isn’t at the top of your bag, you’ll have to unpack, then re-pack, everything you brought. While your new bag may look the part, it’s far from ideal. The reason is that these backpacks are made for hikers and outdoor activities, not travellers.

Suitcases are totally inappropriate for world travel. Suitcases are made for airports and offices, not cities. Try dragging one over cobbled streets or up a flight of stairs. Caribee travel backpacks are made for travellers, by travellers and there’s not much the Aussie don’t know about world travel.

If you plan to do a lot of ‘off road’ travelling then choose the Mallorca or Jet Pack. These zip all the way round making it much easier for you to find what you are looking for without emptying your bag. If you are more likely to only need your backpack for the journey from the railway station to the hostel or hotel then the Fast Track and Sky Masters Series have wheels. This makes them easy to pull around. You can always carry these travel packs on your back when you need to for more difficult terrain.

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